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Brand Design Budget Low? Here Are 3 Tricks To Glam Your Brand!

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

St.Roze LLC has spent a great deal of their budget on high quality products that they sell at wholesale prices. When it comes down to making "Private Label Products" look fantastic, this is not a top priority due to the fact that the consumer will give the products their own look. For this reason brand design budgets may be limited. So what can be done?

3 Tricks To Glam Your Brand

  1. Understanding who your audience is very important. In the case of St.Roze LLC their target audience is black women with various hair types.

  2. Understanding that your website should not be designed solely for your taste alone but rather than, you should be prioritizing your website to your consumers taste. They must see themselves and be able to relate. Finding images that matches with your audience's aesthetic is key.

  3. Color scheme and consistency is important if you want to make your brand pop. In the case of St.Roze LLC they found it important to brand their website with a clean consistent color scheme and not focusing on branding the products since they are a private label business.

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