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Natural and Luxury — Naturalux? Why Is This Style Perfect For Your Brand?

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Visually, we have been trained to trust products that look natural. Natural colors like shades of green are used to signify "Derived from nature". Brand marketing companies have generating trillions of dollars using this technique for a very long time. Today, everyone in the business of selling hair and skin care products have learned this hack, but far too many brands have come and gone. So, what's missing? Luxury of course!

Launching a luxury brand is a goal and dream that many have. Could you imagine becoming the next Chanel or Dior? The thing is everyone in the industry is trying to do the same thing. Customers desire luxury, but are smarter than ever before, and usually are not inclined to opt into a new luxury brand that they do not trust and are not familiar with. Everything that glitters isn't gold. This is why when you use the hack of combining consumers desire for "Luxury" with the trusted style of "Natural", customers can't resist the urge to opt in. Thus we have Naturalux!

Feast your eyes on Arlene Martin Hair brand design. Here we've attempted to gain the trust of consumers using a beautiful shade of green and we've also attempted to tap into consumers desire for luxury using beautiful images, fonts, and a minimalistic approach. What do you think?

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